We are young and passionate about mobile game technologies. We are ready to face any challenge

About us

We are a game development outsourcing studio founded in February 2015, located in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). Our commitment with our clients is to provide them with excellent mobile games. Intellect Nova has helped client’s leverage outsourcing to generate the extra flexibility their projects require. Our track record is no short of achievements, with more than 50 games and apps developed, some of them for some of the top game companies in the industry.


We do our best when we can take care of the full development of a game for the customer. We can also coordinate our professionals with your own team if you need a complementary set of skills. Our intention is always the same: to achieve the goals of the customer with the highest quality.


Full Game Development

We are able to produce both art and full mobile games for our clients. Our expertise with Cocos2d-x and Unity enables us to deliver robust gaming experiences on these engines’ mobile versions


Ports, parallel development, module implementation, sdk integration, etc...Our team is experienced at engineering, platform optimization, and at squeezing the most out of mobile GPUs and CPUs. Depending on client requests, complete code documentation can be provided.

System builders

Depending on client needs, we assemble teams combining the right skills and a level of management adapted to the complexity of the project. For larger projects, our model also lets us dedicate resources to work alongside your current team, as a temporary staff complement.


Need help with your project? Don't know what to do? Don't know which technology is better? etc... We are your guy


Our multi-talented and diverse team ensures that we stay ahead of the curve by investing in the latest tools and technologies. We are able to assist in saving 50% of your expenses while ensuring quality and delivering on time. We believe in transparency, and maintain client privacy and confidentiality.

We believe in streamlining processes and we work in close cooperation with our clients to ensure their growth and achievement. We have achieved numerous milestones along our journey in the video game industry by investing in long-term partnerships.

You get 20% off as compensation.
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